Gissing FE are pleased to be announced as the agricultural arm of Borger UK

Gissing FE are good, trusted people to work with, whose outstanding knowledge and experience of the agricultural market gave us every reason to join forces.

David Brown, Managing Director of Borger UK
Gissing Farm Equipment Ltd, built the way it used be....

Gissing FE are pleased to be announced as the agricultural arm to Börger UK. We are very excited to be supplying and servicing Börgers complete range of products.

Positive displacement pumps

Börgers Positive displacement pumps benefit from:
Easy interchangeable wearing tips. (This method reduces excessive disposal of wearing items whilst also saving time and money)

Börger also benefits from a simple mechanical seal using the pump itself as the pressure chamber rather than a separate vulnerable external chamber.

MEP stands for Börgers maintenance in place which allows all of Börgers components from the mechanical seals, internal wear liner and lobes to be replaced without the need to strip the pump down or remove it from site.

Börgers positive displacement pumps benefit from increased flowrates and reduced fuel costs against centrifugal pumps

We pride our self on top class engineering methods using the best welding machines and consumables which the world offers. Using programming systems we can trace the whole process of our engineering methods.

Not only manufacturing equipment, we also understand stress areas and how to overcome these.

Therefore you will receive a product which is truly engineered! “BUILT THE WAY IT USED TO BE”

Designed & Produced in Lincolnshire, GB