Gissing FE are pleased to be announced as the agricultural arm of Borger UK

Gissing FE are good, trusted people to work with, whose outstanding knowledge and experience of the agricultural market gave us every reason to join forces.

David Brown, Managing Director of Borger UK
Gissing Farm Equipment Ltd, built the way it used be....

The demand for separation technology has increased in recent years. The appropriate size and specification of a seperator depends on the customers exact requirements.

The Bioselect BS is a combination of the separation machine and two Rotary Lobe Pumps. These three drive units are joined with a special control unit with various control and safety components.

The separator is load-triggered. The feed pump only conveys the volume which the Bioselect BS is able to process. The high density solids discharge pump determines the degree of thickness If required, the user can thicken for example 4% DS content liquid manure into 12% DS making it suitable for a tanker.

By using Borger, who we are the UK's sole importer for, we at Gissing can guarantee a top quality product with an excellence in manufacture combined with quality parts.

Designed & Produced in Lincolnshire, GB