Gissing FE are pleased to be announced as the agricultural arm of Borger UK

Gissing FE are good, trusted people to work with, whose outstanding knowledge and experience of the agricultural market gave us every reason to join forces.

David Brown, Managing Director of Borger UK
Gissing Farm Equipment Ltd, built the way it used be....
Tanker Mounted Multi Chopper

Our team at Gissing FE have worked a tremendous amount of hours designing a completely new product to the world market place. Our Euro-line dribble bar has been designed to eliminate an extra machine!

Rather than purchasing a machine that can only be used as umbilical or as a tanker mount, you can now benefit from a machine that has been expertly manufactured & folds up completely behind a tanker/self-propelled or a tractor for umbilical.

Designed & Produced in Lincolnshire, GB